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Birthday Parties

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Do you need a DJ for your kids b-day?

Your child's birthday is coming up quick. Another year getting older and some old birthday traditions might be getting boring. But getting a DJ for your child will make all of their friends extremely happy.

We know it's a child's birthday party so we play only family friendly clean radio edits of all of the songs. On top of that, if you need some activities to keep the kids attention we can supply little mini-games along with the music. What better way to burn off all of their sugar-filled energy than by hiring a DJ.

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Up To Date Equipment

All of our gear is up to date. It doesn't matter if you want us to bring one speaker or two speakers, it will sound amazing regardless.

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Wireless Microphones

We like to interact with the crowd and play some games to keep the kids entertained. Our wireless mics have a zero tripping hazard warning.

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LED Laser Lights

Kids just finished eating cake and all hyped up on sugar. Let them burn it off while dancing to some fun songs and laser lights everywhere.

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Fog Machines

Every show we perform at the fog machine always catches all of the kids attention. They love to dance in the misty air with laser lights all around.

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Radio Edit Songs

It's your child's b-day, so we never play any songs that are inappropriate or explicit. We take all sorts of request, but all songs will be clean.

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Set Up & Tear Down

It's stressful enough planning a birthday party. So we will set up and take down all of our gear ourselves so you don't have to worry.

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