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Halloween Dances

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Halloween Dances Photo
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It's spooky season and it's time to dance!

It's October and you're planning a Halloween Dance, so where do you begin? We can DJ on October 31st for corporate events, schools, fundraisers ect...we will even dress up in a Halloween costume as well! If you would like fun games to play in between sets we can do that too! Such as the Monster Mash Dance competition or Thriller music video recreation.

We have a lot of experience with DJing on Halloween and are very comfortable with getting on the mic and getting the crowd up and alive, unlike the zombies. ;)

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Up To Date Equipment

We use two Mackie speakers along with a Serato mixer and Virtual DJ which means that all of the music has never sounded so clear and spooky.

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Wireless Microphones

Perfect for announcing the winners of the costume competition. We can roam around the dance floor and not trip over any cords.

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LED Laser Lights

Three high quality LED lights with custom colours zapping through the air will make the entire room feel like Frankenstein's laboratory.

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Fog Machines

What is more spooky than a thin layer of fog drifting throughout the dance floor? This is a must have for any Halloween dance party.

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Halloween Music

We have a huge archive of spooky fun dance music which we mix in with Top 40 and EDM songs throughout the entire haunted night.

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Set Up & Tear Down

No worries, monsters don't need to set up any gear while we are around. We set up and take down all of the audio equipment ourselves.

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