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Name That Tune

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It's a fun and interactive game!

Could be for any event, playing Name That Tune will always get everyone laughing and also surprisingly competitive. We personally custom made this game several years ago and continue to update the songs and challenges that go along with it.

We separate tables into teams and it is up to that table to guess the song. If they are correct they get a point, if they are stumped the next table can steal. We also add in a bit of trivia for bonus point. So let's see who knows the most about music...

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Up To Date Equipment

We utilize our gear into the game, adding fun sound effects and buzzer noises. Not to mention all of the songs that you have to guess.

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Wireless Microphones

Interaction is the biggest part of the game. We walk around the room with a wireless microphone making sure to keep score.

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Bonus Trivia

If your team gets a correct answer you can gain some bonus points by knowing a bit of trivia about the song that you guessed correct.

You Name Your Team

Be creative with your team mates and decide on a team name that will intimidate or confuse your opponents into a flawless victory.

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You Pick The Genre

Want to pick your strong suit? Then go with genres like pop, country, classic rock, or even unique categories like TV theme songs or video games.

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Set Up & Tear Down

Before and after the game is played we deal with all of the equipment ourselves, so all you have to worry about is guessing the correct song.

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