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High School Dances

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High School Dances Photo
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High school dances are always so fun!

Every high school dance that we have DJed in the past was so memorable, not just for us but for the kids. We make sure everyone has a great time and we always keep the music family friendly during dances.

From our experience of playing music in a high school gymnasium we aim to play all types of different music for the students. We like to amp it up with some EDM and we also like to slow it down with a few ballads. What is more memorable than looking back on the days of awkwardly slow dancing with your crush.

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Up To Date Equipment

We supply a crystal clear sound system ensuring that all of the music sounds crisp and clean. We love to use our mixers to mix songs as well.

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Wireless Microphones

We like to interact with the crowd and our wireless mics are perfect. If you need to make announcements these mics are loud and clear.

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LED Laser Lights

There is something about LED laser lights in a gymnasium that looks so cool. Our lights change colour and pattern to the rhythm of every song.

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Fog Machines

High school dance parties need some extra flair, so why not add some sweeping fog to the dance floor? All of the students will love it.

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Radio Edit Songs

It's a high school dance, so we never play any songs that are inappropriate or explicit. We take all sorts of request, but all songs will be clean.

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Set Up & Tear Down

Most high school dances happen a high school. We will set up and take down all of our gear so you don't have to worry.

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